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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Approximately 1500 people are stationed at Kleine Brogel Airbase to deploy 28 F-16s. The commander of the 10th Tactical Wing is assisted by a small staff and by the commanders of three groups: the Flying Group, the Maintenance Group and the Defence and Support Group. The activities of the 10th Wing are also supported by a medical detachment, a territorial maintenance team and the American 701 Munitions Support Squadron. The installations of the 10th Wing are spread over 450 hectares of wooded surroundings.

Flying Group
The Flying Group comprises approximately 250 people, 48 of which are pilots. In addition to the flying operations, this group is also responsible for air traffic control, fire brigade, management of meteorological data, information and preparation of F-16 flights and broadcasts. The Flying Group of the 10th Wing also manages the air-to-ground shooting range at Houthalen-Helchteren, also known as “Pampa range”.

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349 Squadron
squadrons 349

The 349 (Belgian) Squadron was founded during the Second World War in Great Britain. After a start in Nigeria on the P-40 Tomahawk in early 1943, the squadron took part in operations above France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany from 1944 on with Spitfire, Typhoon and Tempest. After World War II, the squadron specialised in air defence and flew from the 1st Fighter Wing at Beauvechain with the Spitfire, Meteor, Hunter, CF-100 Canuck, F-104G Starfighter and F-16. In 1996 the squadron moved to Kleine Brogel.

The emblem of the 349 (Belgian) Squadron shows two maces and the motto is “Strike hard Strike Home”

31 Squadron
squadrons 31

The 31 Squadron was founded in 1951 in Beauvechain and moved to Chièvres to form the 10th Wing with the 23rd and 27th Squadron. It specialised in ground attack and flew from Kleine Brogel on theSpitfire, T-33, F-84G Thunderjet, F-84F Thunderstreak, F-104G Starfighter and F-16.

The emblem of the 31 Squadron is a tiger with the motto “In sanguine vinum”.

Operational Conversion Unit (OCU)
squadrons ocu

The Operational Conversion Unit was founded in Beauvechain in 1987, as a central organism for the training of all F-16 pilots. When the 1st Fighter Wing was dissolved in 1996, the unit was transferred to Kleine Brogel.

The emblem of the OCU is the vulture, as a reference to the fighter school at Koskijde during the fifties..

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Maintenance Group
The Maintenance Group is tasked with the support of the 10th Wing operations. To be able to carry out this assignment on a daily basis, 700 emloyees are involved. They are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft, the vehicles, the IT and communication resources and all the armament and support equipment. Maintenance is responsible for all necessary inspections, repairs and modifications, as well as servicing and reconfigurations.

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In addition to that, they are also responsible for supplying everything the wing needs to operate, and for coordinating or executing all movements of personnel and equipment to and from the base. These jobs are usually done in relatively large maintenance hangars with associated workshops and offices. The Maintenance Group is divided into four units: Line & Armament, Maintenance Aircraft and engines, Electronics and Telecommunications, Vehicles & Transport) and the Logistics Support Unit.
On a social level, the Maintenance Group mainly cherishes its sponsorship of the guidance centre St. Elisabeth located in Wijchmaal (Peer)..

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Defence and Support Group
DThe Defence and Support Group has approximately 444 employees, divided between the unit Strike Security, the unit Force Protection and the Support unit. Its task within the 10th Tactical Wing is to ensure the safety of resources and personnel to allow everyone to perform their specific duties on a daily basis. In addition to ensure the safety, they provide the necessary support regarding administration, finance, catering, infrastructure and physical readiness.

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