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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement  10th Tactical Wing

Mission & Vision



Our Vision


“Mission first, personnel always.”

The 10th Tactical Wing will continue to be the reference for operations from the home base or in deployment throughout the full spectrum of assigned missions. We want to remain a spearhead of the Belgian Defence by stimulating the knowledge, team spirit and image of our personnel.


Both in peace time and in crisis and conflict

The 10th Tactical Wing will, in accordance with the guidelines of COMOPSAIR, provide combat-ready personnel and equipment, both in peace time and in crisis and conflict, for offensive and defensive operations form the home base or during deployment abroad. In addition, we continuously contribute in a safe/secured, effective manner to NATO’s dissuasion policy.

Our Mission




Our Strategy


“Perform air operations and provide long-term support”

The 10th Tactical Wing is ready to provide COMOPSAIR at any time with deployable personnel and state-of-the-art equipment in order to: participate in current and future global air operations with unconditional adherence to the rules of engagement; secure bases, both at home or abroad, to guarantee freedom of movement; perform air operations and sustainably support them with airworthy technology in a safe manner.


  •   Excellence and “Can-do” mentality
  •   Competentence and devotion
  •   Integrity en loyalty
  •   Exemplary leadership
  •   Transparent communication

Our Values


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