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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Flight MT&LogSp

Versatile and reliable in operational support!

The squadron motorised transport and logistics support (Flight MT&LogSp) is part of the Maintenance Group (MGp) but provides support services for the benefit of the entire Wing. The men and women of Flight MT&LogSp usually operate out of the limelight, but their contribution is no less essential for the operability of the unit. We help generate airpower!

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Vehicle Maintenance
Experienced and motivated technical staff are responsible for the maintenance and repair of strategic vehicles including Fuel trucks, fire engines, Unimogs, LMV Lynx, aircraft tractors and the 701MUNSS certified vehicles. At the Operating Desk (BEx) and the various workshops, “Ground Technics” specialists work daily on the scheduling and execution of maintenance activities for a total of more or less 200 vehicles and equipment. You can also contact them for repairing military bicycles. The necessary spare parts are ordered and managed by the stock manager.

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No fuel, no flight !
However, Flight MT is not just a maintenance organisation. It has an important role in the supply of fuel. The Fuel section is responsible for the operation of the pumping station and for delivering fuel to the aircraft. At the pumping station, customers are supplied with petrol and diesel in their vehicles. In the near future, the pumping station will undergo a major face-lift after which it will be almost completely automated. For the fuel supply, the Wing has an installation with vast tank-containers, the "keroputten". This is where the valve of the Belgian Pipeline Organisation (BPO) is literally opened on a regular basis. With the 7 recently delivered tanker trucks of the STOKOTA type, the "bowser drivers" supply millions of litres of fuel to our F-16s every year.

Did you know that it takes about 18 minutes to fill the tanker truck with a capacity of 18,000 litres? With 2 smaller tankers, they supply diesel for GSE equipment and to supply the military engineering vehicles on the shooting range. In the near future, we expect an additional type of tanker that will be deployable by air.

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Special vehicles
The operators of the “Special Equipment section” are trained to move equipment with all kinds of lifting machinery and cranes. They can be used in and around the base as well as during deployments for cargo handling. Furthermore, they keep the runways FOD-free (FOD = Foreign Object Debris) on a daily baisis with their sweeping trucks. During the winter months, the flight bears an additional responsibility for the commissioning of the snow removal equipment and the scheduling of the snow-team. In winter conditions, they clear snow from the most important roads and the runways on the airbase. Concrete plans exist to replace some snow removal equipment in the near future.

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Nationale distributie & mobiliteit

DThe Movement & Mobility Cell (MMC) plays a key role in the management of internal and external distribution and mobility. It is responsible for managing the flow of goods and the efficient use of local transport resources.

The Mobility Center (MobCen) is our local representative in the national territorial structure of mobility within Defence. MobCen's planners manage more than 80 commercial vehicles, which are used on a daily basis to carry out movements inside and outside the base. Some of these vehicles are permanently positioned at different locations on base. The other vehicles are managed in a pool and can be collected with the on-board documents, ready for departure, and are afterwards returned to Inspection IN/OUT.

Up until the end of 2018, we have driven almost 1.5 million kilometres. Approximately 30,000 movements on base account for a 20% share of the total kilometres driven.

Each delivery of equipment is stored at the Dispatch and checked for visible defects. They subsequently guarantee delivery to the right storage unit on base, via the well-known "Tour Plein". The equipment which is sent to external customers also transits the dispatch before it leaves the base. The personnel checks whether the shipment contains the correct shipping documents and if the packaging is in accordance with the guidelines. Dispatch is the competence centre for the shipment of dangerous goods and organises the shipping of personal luggage for the participants of operations. Tens of thousands of parcels pass through the hands of the dispatchers every year.

Passenger & Cargo Handling
MMC is not only active in supporting the day-to-day operation of the Wing, but is also very busy in providing operational support during deployments abroad. They coordinate all movements of equipment and personnel during exercises and operations.


"Load Controllers", specialists in air and road transport, carefully prepare the "Moves" in the preparation phase and prepare the necessary shipping documents. "Loaders" prepare the cargo for air transport or secure the load for container transport. When cargo planes (ANTONOV, C-17, A400M, C-130,...) land on the base, MMC is responsible for the "marshalling", "handling" and any contact with customs. Road transports are mainly carried out by our own trucks and drivers. Motorcades of 8 trailers or more to all kinds of destinations within Europe to which our F-16s are deployed are not exceptional.
In addition to the re-employment of Operation Deployed Falcon (ODF), with a.o. the reception of an ANTONOV AN-124 with 12 sea containers in Kleine-Brogel Airbase, the Cross Continental Deployments (CCD) to the United States in 2018 and 2019 were absolute highlights for MMC.
In 2019, MMC participated in the prestigious Red Flag 19-2 Exercise. For this deployment, more than 180T of Cargo was prepared and loaded in 38 sea containers or on aircraft type A400M, A330, A340 and C-130 and shipped to various destinations in the United States.


The main task of the Flight Logistics Support or "Log Support" is to control the (re)supply of the unit. They provide logistical support for the entire Wing. With a client base of around 1,350, the unit storage depot, better known as "de kledij", is the local distribution centre for clothing and equipment. They distribute not only flightsuites, workwear, specific clothing for foreign deployments and camping equipment, but also personal protective equipment (PPE) to the staff of the Wing. From 2019 onwards, they’ve gradually taken over the centralised management of the furniture for the entire airbase. Due to budgetary constraints, little progress has been made in recent years with regard to the replacement of worn out furniture. With the start of a general inventory and the centralisation of management, a process to catch up has begun. The new guardhouse has just been fitted with furniture and the project for furniture in the new tower is in development.

Purchases and contracts

The employees of the contracts office manage more than 100 different contracts for the purchase of supplies, services or works. They manage for example contracts for the maintenance of buildings or gates, the supply of spare parts, the lining of tracks, the disposal of waste, the purchase of de-icing products, the supply of tools, ... In 2018, the total expenditure was €. 3.5 million.

Along with placing orders and handling invoices, they supervise the execution of deliveries and services. They rely on the support of all users to ensure suppliers comply with the contractually agreed conditions. Since November 2018, the recycling centre is operated by a civilian company under their supervision. In light of the planned outsourcing of Facility Management, they will continue to play a prominent role in the provision of services for the benefit of the Wing in the future.

Services or deliveries which have not been repossessed in a contract can be acquired by the purchasers of the “local purchases desk” with credits that are made available by the base commander. Since there is no contract, they always have to look for the most suitable supplier based on the legislation on public procurement..

Coaching & training
Bureau Analysis is the beating heart of the Wing's supply and the superuser is the hub for the Integrated Logistics Information & Automation System (ILIAS). As a functional authority, they monitor the correct use of ILIAS and the strict monitoring of supply guidelines. Their main task is to provide solutions and to advise and assist storage unit personnel in the execution of their job, both on base and when they are deployed as Fly Away Kit Manager (FAKMgr).

The commander of the Flight LogSp plays an important role in the coaching and training of the logistics personnel. As trainee responsible, he guides each new logistics non-commissioned officer or volunteer throughout the training process. He must ensure the warehouse staff can be deployed independently as FAKMgr for deployment as soon as possible.

To carry out these tasks, 110 motivated, conscientious and well-trained men and women are 200% committed every day. The forhtcoming retirement wave will have a major impact on this section. Both in Supply Chain & Mobility (SM) and Ground Technics (GT), nearly half of the military personnel will retire in the coming years.

In order to anticipate this enormous loss of knowledge and experience, we have determined two main objectives. Firstly, we are focusing on accelerating the development of our competencies. Secondly, we are continuing to optimise our processes.

We are getting ready for the future! At your service!



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