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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Flying Group
The Flying Group comprises approximately 250 people, 48 of which are pilots. In addition to the flying operations, this group is also responsible for air traffic control, fire brigade, management of meteorological data, information and preparation of F-16 flights and broadcasts. The Flying Group of the 10th Wing also manages the air-to-ground shooting range at Houthalen-Helchteren, also known as “Pampa range”.

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31 Squadron

31 Tiger Squadron has always been considered as one of the top squadrons of the Belgian Air Force. Besides that, 31 Squadron is proud to be one of the cornerstones of the NATO Tiger Community. The Squadron has been a full member of the NTA since 1962.

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349 Squadron

349 (Belgian) Squadron was founded in November 1942 as a Belgian unit within the British Royal Air Force.

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OCU Squadron

The OCU (Operational Conversion Unit) was founded on 01 September 1987 in Beauvechain (province of Walloon Brabant) with as primary task to fulfill the basic conversion off all young pilots and to ensure the tactical training of future Air Defence Pilots.

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Current Ops Squadron

The Current Operations Squadron is the biggest squadron of Kleine Brogel’s Flying group, without pilots although. It comprises all services ensuring the daily flying activities like the Wing Operations Centre (the command, control and communications centre of the airbase), Air Traffic Control, fire fighters, the Bird Control Unit (controlling the bird population) and the meteorological service (Meteo). All of these services are crucial in ensuring a safe conduct of flight.

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