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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Support Squadron

This squadron has one core task; to be at service of all personnel employed at the 10WTac.

The Administrative Support Unit (ASE) is the first point of contact. They are responsible for personnel administration like records of internship and promotion, the yearly evaluation records and daily financial compensation as well as financial compensation during operational tasks.

After the first acquaintance, every new employee will quickly appreciate and enjoy some of life’s necessities

  • The service Buffets and Canteens (DBC) provides snacks and drinks during breaks in several canteens on base on a daily basis.
  • If you are not into the standard ham and sandwich, every employee can enjoy a three-course menu in the all ranks mess Hof Bergendal prepared by our own catering team.
  • It is also possible to order a soup, spaghetti, lasagna or salad from the all ranks mess delivered right to your desk.

verdegings steungroep horeca1

  • Hof Bergendal also offers an accommodation service, where you can easily book one of the 86 single rooms equipped with flat screen tv and a refrigerator. The two accommodation complexes also houses a microwave-equipped kitchen as well as a recreation room.
  • There are also several sporting facilities available in our Wing; an athletics track, a Finnish running track, a soccer field and a sports hall with a gym, a squash pit and a general sports play room (basketball, volleyball, badminton,…). Our Sports section has three physical trainers, readily available to train all personnel for the yearly physical evaluation. There is also a weekly sports program with swimming lessons, gait training and core –stability lessons..

verdegings steungroep sport

These are the personal services for each employee. However, the support squadron is also involved in the maintenance of the Wing’s infrastructure; the “Ops Infra”. They do the maintenance and/or refurbishments of workshops, storages and offices.

verdegings steungroep5 infra

The Permanent Airfield Service team (PAS) is a team that does a daily inspection of the airfield lighting system and the arresting cable before the start of the flying window.

verdegings steungroep6 infra

The landscape department pursues the “poor grass policy” in order to attract as few birds and game animals as possible that could possibly endanger the flight safety. Flight Safety is the number one priority, therefore the landscape department is assisted by the “Agentschap Natuur en Bos”.

“Service” is highly valued by the Support Squadron, which makes them appreciated by many colleagues !

On the 26th of September 1968, the city of Maaseik accepted the patronage of the Defense and Support group of the 10th Fighter-Bomber Wing Helchteren thanks to an initiative of the local Milac-department. On the 22th of October 2004, at the 35-year anniversary of the patronage, the charter was renewed because of multiple changes in the structure of the Wing as well as in it’s name. During this ceremony, the city of Maaseik, offered a replica of a painting of the “Gebroeders Van Eyck”. This painting can still be admired at the 10WTac’s Public Relations service.

In 2001, the patronage was reinforced by also accepting the patronage of the Medical and Pedagogic institution Ter Engelen, situated within the walls of the city of Maaseik. This charter was signed on the 19th of November 2001



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