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Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Defence and Support Group
The Defense and Support Group consists of about 450 employees, divided into three squadrons: Strike Security, the unit Force Protection and the Support unit. Its task within the 10th Tactical Wing is to ensure the safety of resources and personnel to allow everyone to perform their specific duties on a daily basis. In addition to ensure the safety, they provide the necessary support regarding administration, finance, catering, infrastructure and physical readiness.

  • Verdegings Steungroep Horeca1
  • Verdegings Steungroep Tracking Dogs
  • Verdegings Steungroep6 Infra
  • Verdegings Steungroep4
  • Verdegings Steungroep3
  • Verdegings Steungroep8
  • Verdegings Steungroep2
  • Verdegings Steungroep5 FP3


Support Squadron

This squadron has one core task; to be at service of all personnel employed at the 10WTac.

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